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2002-05-27 - 4:16 p.m.


this is my very 1st entry ... memorial day had a slightly different 'feel' about it this year - obviously becuz of 9/11 ... watched the mem.day concert from wash d.c. on pbs last nite - parts of which were quite moving ... but i'm sure for plenty of folks it was just the same old/same old: the 1st 3-day wknd of summer, dust off & fire up the old bbq, or put the boat in the water ... as for me, i'm not particularly fond of holidays ... i usually volunteer to work, as i did today ... if i had family nearby i s'pose it would be different ... i glance across the courtyard from my 'lofty perch' and see a family moving in across the way - i remember hearing that mem.day & labor day are the most popular weekends for moving ... moving is never a pleasant experience, having moved 4 times in 4 years i can attest to this ... can't imagine why some folks do it so often - i tend to 'nestle in' & move only after push comes to shove ... this time i opted to buy instead of rent & hope to stay here for a few years ...


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