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2002-05-31 - 8:23 a.m.


happy birthday to me ... awakened naturally (sans alarm) in an amazingly good mood ... spontaneously belted out: "o what a beautiful morning, o what a beautiful day, i've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way" (oklahoma, rodgers & hammerstein) causing the cats to scatter in all directions - hmmm, sorry about that, have not been blessed with a good singing voice in this lifetime, but it was a bottled-up 'joyful noise' needing to be expressed ...

my horoscope for today: "You flinch at yet another insult, but it was actually a compliment. A harsh light falls a little easier on your eyes."

this obviously refers to yesterday's exchange with the ex - yes, he insulted me but the difference - this time - was that there was no 'sting' to it ... metaphorically speaking, it was as if he'd tried to slap me, but failed to make contact ... yippee! - it's taken 4 years for me to get to this point - i knew that i had 'moved on' from this relationship, but didn't realize exactly how far i'd actually come ... :-) ... an unexpected birthday present from me to me ...

more of horoscope:

Now that you've lived to see your wishes come true, what's next?

good question! ... the 'wishes' referred to here are my long-held desires for peace of mind & being comfortable in my own skin - with no apologies or justifications for my thoughts/words/deeds to anyone ... yet another milestone realized ... careful tho', not to rest on one's laurels ... don't stop here to gaze upon your reflection for too long, lest you lose momentum - must keep moving forward (in the direction of your dreams?) ... with these thoughts in mind, i will now follow my own advice & go out & seize MY day!


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