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2002-06-05 - 1:06 p.m.


my middle-school aged niece recently asked me to answer some questions re: my impressions post-9/11 for a school project ... you can answer these same questions at the SURVEY section of diaryland ... these are my answers:

1. How big of an effect do you think the September 11th tragedy had on your life?
the 'security measures' which have been instituted make my day-to-day much less convenient in loss of time & privacy ... yet another example of how the actions of a few impact the comings and goings of all

2. Has the event affected how safe you feel in your everyday life?
no - how can you lose something you never had in the first place

3. How much faith do you have in our current security system in our country?
minimal - security measures do not prevent "crime" they just make it more difficult for the criminal to execute the crime ...

4. How much do you think the nation's patriotism has changed since the attacks?
it's much more outwardly visible - a lot of "flag waving" evidenced by flag decals everywhere you look ... but does the outward manifestation echo an inward shift? - i doubt it ... i think the degree of patriotism does not change, it just moves from an inward belief to an outward display ... patriotic fervor surfaces almost as a knee-jerk reaction & a by-product anytime we (all/ this country) is under attack (see: WWII) ... it's part of the "us against them" mentality: you're either for us or against us & if your flag is showing we can pretty much surmise you're on our side ...

Is this change permanent?
no ... the outward display will last as long as the War on Terrorism lasts

5. Has the event changed the amount of volunteer work or charity you want to do?

6. Have you changed any travel plans because of September 11?
no - i had no travel plans to change ... but i certainly do not look forward to travel by air because of the restrictions (however necessary) which have been imposed on travelers ...

7. Have you had more thoughts to get involved with politics or government since September 11?

8. Do you think you follow the news more closely now?
no - have always followed the news

9. Do you spend more time wondering about how safe you are than before September 11?

10. Do you have any comments you would share about how September 11th has affected you personally?
- safety and security are illusions ... nothing is 100% safe or 100% secure ... the best that can be done is to take the precautions necessary to reduce the risk of danger in any given scenario ... error on the side of caution ... ... if we respond with fear & worry, the terrorists have achieved their goal ... the words of James Thurber point us in the right direction:

Let us not look back
in anger
or forward
in fear,
but around
in awareness.


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