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2002-06-07 - 6:26 p.m.


early morning e-mail from The Pollen People at Pollen.com advised today's allergy levels would be Medium (7.2 on a scale of 0-12) with the predominant pollen coming from grass, olive and plantain ... i usually take my allergy meds 1st thing in the morning which means i postpone brushing my teeth until after my shower when the meds have kicked in & i can once again breathe through my nose (try brushing your teeth without breathing through your nose sometime & you'll know what i mean) ... last night i changed my strategy & took the meds before sleep ... what a difference! ... best sleep i've had in a long time - possibly becuz i was able to breathe all night long, instead of becoming all plugged up at some point during the sleep cycle ... well, this worked so i will be changing this part of my routine from now on ... why hadn't i done it before? - becuz those were not the directions on the bottle & "who am i?" to 2nd-guess the medicos ... for the most part, i do what i'm told, toe the line, don't make waves, don't take chances, do what is expected (boring, huh?) ... i rarely make "a fuss" about anything, thinking life's too short to spend time being aggravated about things that won't really matter 5 years from now ... this is all part of my modus operandi - very predictable, you could set your watch by me in most instances ... but even i get bored with the predictability now & again - & this time it worked to my advantage (yes!) ...


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