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2002-06-10 - 7:09 p.m.


it both amazes & delights me how many web logs are written about cats ... so nice to find kindred spirits ... loggers who feel about their own cats the way i do about mine ...

i love my cats ... they have never betrayed me, never lied to me, never judged me, never disappointed me ... they are wonderful companions & i am truly honoured by their presence in my life ...

it is 90 degrees outside today (17% humidity) & probably about the same upstairs in the condo ... the windows & doors are open & a floor fan softly hums on the other side of the room, moving the air around just enough for me to be comfortable as i record my thoughts ... 5 of my 6 cats are stretched out in their full length glory on the floor around me ... if it were me, & i was wearing a fur coat i could not take off at will, i'd opt for the cooler conditions downstairs - which they're fully aware of as food, water & litter boxes are housed on the lower level ... every so often they'll venture downstairs for relief or refreshment, but soon enough they're right back up here - i can only assume to be near me ...

i'm so very pleased to have found a repository for my thoughts/observations/musings about my feline family, without having to feel strange about it (becuz there are others just like me here - doing the very same thing - yippee!) ... in another place & time i described myself as "a 'little old lady with CATS' - who wears purple, dyes her hair red & doesn't much care what the rest of the world thinks about it ... :-) ..." - today i can add (with pride) "& writes about it online" ... yes!!!


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