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2002-06-17 - 8:14 p.m.


i posted this as a 'comment' at another web log, & feel it's important enuf to post here as well, if this is not a part of your present reality - tuck it away for future reference - just wait, it may prove useful for you or someone you love:

for what it's worth, & in the hope that it may help someone else avoid the long hard road i've travelled, i too suffered from mental instability (for much longer than i wish to admit to) ... the medicos were positive it was depression & the list of tried/but ineffective meds is as long as my arm ... they ultimately sent me to a "How to Deal With Your Depression" class (imagine spending one evening a week with a bunch of depressed people) ... but these were the very folks (experts in depression in their own right) who 'saved me' by recognizing my depression to be 'different' from theirs in that it was cyclical & perhaps - just perhaps - hormonal? ...

back to a different group of docs (ob-gyn), a blood test, & - lo & behold - my depressed friends were right, i was in need of hormone replacement therapy (the same condition you've seen Lauren Hutton & Patti LaBelle doing TV commercials for) ... an Rx for an HRT patch & complete RELIEF was finally my reality ...

my apology for dispensing medical advice without a license, but if one person (men too, if you're not feeling like you used to - in any manner - get your testosterone levels checked!) is helped by this information it will be worth it ... i might add, all of this happened to me at a pre-menopausal stage of life - the other 'usual' symptoms were not readily apparent ...

More interesting, related information here: All About Perimenopause and Menopause


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