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2002-06-19 - 7:06 p.m.


don't you just hate it when you get up early (5:30am) with every intention of accomplishing everything on your mental to-do list & the next thing you realize it's almost 7pm & it's quite obvious you've accomplished next to nothing ... oh yes, i did take care of the cats - that commitment never falls by the wayside, but i didn't read the 50 pages of homework, nor complete the other 2 homework assignments for my class ... so how did i fill these hours? ... discovering 250 ways (at least) of how not to design a certain graphic - & i still don't have anything close to something that matches up to what i see in my mind's eye ... argh! ... thomas edison was said to have referred to his numerous failed attempts at inventing the light bulb as discovering even more ways of how it can't be done ... but i'm finding little solace in this overly optimistic definition of failure ... the truth of the matter is, my to-do list is just as long as it was this morning & i 've nothing to show for the effort i did make today ... now that i've finished beating myself up, i'll just leave this behind me & tackle at least a couple of the items on my list before the sun goes down (thank goodness for small favors - sunset is at 8:39pm today!)


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