Kelly - 2002-07-03 10:10:25
Yep. That seems right.
jennifer - 2002-07-03 20:52:19
That's the best interpretation I've heard yet. Too bad they're making such a fuss about it lately. Seems the gov't is trying to make Americans a little less united. Why change it? It wasn't hurting anyone.
Kassia - 2002-07-22 19:54:15
That's a lovely interpretation of the pledge. However, it should be noted that the "under God" part was only added in 1954, so as to distinguish us from the atheistic communist nations. That is not exactly necessary any longer, and freedom of religion *should* include freedom from religion for the atheists amongst us. It is a pity people are making such a fuss about it, I agree - a pity they're making such a fuss about keeping 2 words that were only added 50 years ago, never part of the original pledge!

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