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2002-05-29 - 12:54 p.m.


sunrise 5:48am ... sunset 8:24pm ... i absolutely love these long days of summer - & savor every sunlit moment ... this from one who has suffered extensively the winter doldrums brought about by SAD (seasonal adjustment disorder) ...

another red letter day will be noted at the end of the week ... on friday i will be celebrating having spent yet another full year on the planet ... an opportunity to check my progress/do a reality check ... have the major events of this past year been by accident or design? ... did i respond accordingly? ... is it in my best interest to continue in the same direction or should i consider altering my course? ... the good news is: i find myself much more in control of my life than in years past ... the choices i've made to bring me to this point have been good ones in that they are easy to live with ... is there anything missing? ... no, not really ... just keep on going on ...


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